Amazing Results

The Aircraft Group completes another successful redelivery!



AZ. Since 2007 The Aircraft Group’s expertise has successfully assisted in ORBIS International’s maintenance planning and records management.


TAG Fleet Online is First to Streamline Critical Influence Parts Tracking for GE and CFMI Engines

The Aircraft Group’s TAG Fleet Online system offers an immediate solution for the management of Critical Influencing Parts and DER repairs for GE and CFMI manufactured engines.


CFM TruEngine Program To Cover Subsequent Buyers

CFM International has expanded its TruEngine program coverage to include content assurance guarantee (CAG) for subsequent buyers of qualified CFM56 engines.


CFM Contracts with The Aircraft Group for Engine Records Verification

CFM International has continued to evolve its highly successful TRUEngine program by most recently creating a unique Content Assurance Guarantee (CAG) for subsequent buyers of qualified CFM56 engines.


CFM expands TRUEngine program

CFM International has continued to evolve its successful TRUEngine program by most recently creating a unique Content Assurance Guarantee (CAG) for subsequent buyers of qualified CFM56 engines


Experience Counts

With some 100 American aircraft under our belt, TAG has the knowledge, expertise and wherewithal to handle physical inspections, records inspections, bankruptcy records evaluations, pre-purchase inspections, lease returns, ferry flights, aircraft status reviews, updating of specs & disks, litigation, and export C of A's. Contact us today to discuss what can we do for you.


Spotlight on The Aircraft Group Services

One of the key services The Aircraft Group offers is the preparation of basic aircraft specifications, airframe maintenance status and accident/incident reports. If you're looking for a status on an American Airlines 757 or 767, Contact us today!


Navigating the American Bankruptcy

With American Airlines filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on November 29, 2011, thoughts immediately turn to wading through the records and assets of such a large company. This is where The Aircraft Group (TAG) comes in.


TAG Fleet Online Version 3

TAG Fleet Online Version 3 is currently in BETA testing phase and will be made available in late November.


New FAR Coming Soon

A new development aircraft owners should be aware of is a new FAR expected to become effective in early 2011


Aircraft Re-Registration and Renewal

On October 1, 2010 the FAA's Rule for Re-Registration and Renewal of Aircraft Registration became effective. This new regulation mandates that each registered owner re-register their aircraft every 3 years. Missing the window may result in aircraft grounding.


The Aircraft Group to Attend 13th Annual Symposium Cargo Facts Conference in Seattle, WA

PHOENIX, AZ, October 11, 2007 - The Aircraft Group will again be demonstrating its renowned TAG Fleet Online asset-management program at the 13th Annual Aircraft Symposium Cargo Facts Conference.


The Aircraft Group Lands Major Express Carrier As New Client

Consulting Firm will Streamline Aircraft Acquisitions and Conversions


The Aircraft Group to attend 24th Annual ISTAT Conference in Phoenix,AZ

PHOENIX, AZ, March 09, 2007 - The Aircraft Group invites you to visit our TAG Fleet Online exhibition booth during the 24th Annual International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT) Conference.


The Aircraft Group Announces Records Management Project with Humanitarian Organization ORBIS International

The Aircraft Group is pleased to announce our participation in a unique and valuable project. ORBIS International has called upon the Aircraft Group’s industry experience and expertise to organize then manage their aircraft records.


Industry Respected Broker Praises TAG Fleet Online

Bill Gardner, President of Meridian Aerospace Group, Ltd. commented about his experience with TAG Fleet Online, the premier aircraft asset and document management system.


TAG Fleet Online Unveils New Services

The Aircraft Group, provider of the premier aircraft document and portfolio management system, TAG Fleet Online, announced an array of user-friendly upgrades last month at the International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT) gathering in Orlando, Fla.


The Aircraft Group's Take: Complete Aircraft Information is Just a Click Away

What if accessing airplane information was as easy as scanning a bar code?