The Aircraft Group Receives US Patent for Aircraft & Data Portfolio Management System



Phoenix – September 18, 2008 – The Aircraft Group a Phoenix-based consulting firm to the aviation community, today announced that it was granted a US patent for its unique Internet-based application, TAG Fleet Online. The system manages aircraft-related records including financial, ownership, maintenance, and inspection, documents on an Internet-based system allowing users access to relevant data and documents from anywhere in the world. The patent was issued on the Company’s entire process of collecting, classifying, storing and retrieving aircraft documents online, as well as handling the ongoing maintenance to keep all aircraft data current. 

Volatility in the aviation industry has made such a system a necessity for lessors or aircraft owners to manage their portfolios or when aircrafts change hands and associated documentation needs to accompany the new ownership. The system manages lease agreements and legal documents as well as inspection documents, historical data, program information, airworthiness and registrations. TAG Fleet Online’s power is in its ability to search all records, either scanned documents or electronic media, to find data on any given search criteria. Documents average 20,000 per aircraft making manual document management a time consuming task. TAG Fleet Online dramatically streamlines document management allowing users to retrieve critical data and input revisions in seconds, rather than days. With TAG Fleet Online there is no need for costly, labor intensive and painstaking rebuilding of record files when an aircraft is transferred. 

“Every aircraft has a unique serial number as well as a paper trail of records that must be maintained, protected and accessible,” says Walter Andrushenko, president of The Aircraft Group. “As planes change hands, are leased, reconfigured and resold, all of this must be documented per FAA regulations. Our system allows users to access the records anywhere in the world over the Internet; from financial records to maintenance and everything in between. If the aircraft changes hands, document access can be transferred to the new owners and immediately accessible. In the age of instantaneous record retrieval it seems archaic to not take advantage of our system. The low monthly subscription fee is easily offset by the savings in not having to rebuild files sets.” 

        TAG Fleet Online incorporates security-leveled access to provide a centralized system while still maintaining 24/7 global access. Users are allowed access to all documents or select documents as well as limited time access for acquisition or legal reviews. The system employs a user-friendly interface that requires virtually no training, allowing new users to easily search for critical materials. TAG Fleet Online fees are based on a monthly subscription determined by the number of aircraft in a portfolio making it affordable for any size fleet.

        The Aircraft Group, headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, provides asset management and technical consulting services to the worldwide aviation trading community. Founded in 1990, the company specializes in Asset Management Consulting and Advise, Aircraft Technical Inspections, Records Audits, Technical Appraisals, and Importing and Exporting Aircraft. The company revolutionized portfolio management in 2003 when it designed and introduced TAG Fleet Online, the only comprehensive, Internet-based asset management system of its kind, for which the company received a patent in 2008. The company also developed DocuSearch, the leading document management product specifically designed to manage and search limitless quantities of aircraft maintenance documents. Today, The Aircraft Group’s staff represents a unique combination of aircraft technical expertise, records auditing competence, asset management, software design skills and airline experience all with a global reach. In addition to its headquarters in Phoenix, the company has an international office in London, UK. For more information on The Aircraft Group, visit