Major Airline Learns Lesson in Records

Major Airline Learns Lesson in Records Management

Oftentimes lessons are learned from experience and such was the case with a major airline looking to expand its fleet. Having emerged from bankruptcy in the past, the airline knew the importance of streamlining its documentation and improving records management. The airline learned this lesson watching the efficiency of The Aircraft Group® as it was called upon to assist during the bankruptcy process. With thousands of documents and an aircraft fleet to evaluate, it was paramount that the each step be coordinated in an efficient and cohesive manner.
Years later, as the airline restructured it was in a position to expand and once again it turned to The Aircraft Group, this time for assistance with aircraft acquisitions. The airline knew from experience that keeping uniformity in records would be a tremendous savings in both time and money in the future. It also knew that The Aircraft Group was the firm for the job.

The Aircraft Group was contracted to perform pre-purchase inspections, assist in evaluation of equipment and, once a decision was made to go ahead, The Aircraft Group conducted an in-depth audit of records, aircraft systems and configuration and organized data in the airline’s established format ready for upload into the airline’s computer tracking system. This allowed the new aircraft to be seamlessly absorbed into the airline’s established fleet and ready for FAA certification.

As a result, nearly a dozen aircraft were added to the airline’s fleet in one-third the time that it would traditionally have taken. In addition, the airline did not have to tax in-house resources nor did it incur any additional consulting fees to redo records to comply with its established recordkeeping system. As each aircraft acquisition was completed, the electronic and hardcopy records were seamlessly—and immediately—integrated into the airline’s system, resulting in a truly turnkey solution.