Enhance Your Portfolio with Aircraft Asset Management

The Aircraft Group's primary objective is to enhance your overall portfolio value, not just through a single transaction but on an ongoing basis.

As consultants, we track the maintenance of aircraft, evaluate economic exposure, monitor and update revisions to technical requirements from manufacturers and the FAA, track associated costs and provide timely reports. In addition, we develop and maintain records in a condition suitable for aircraft remarketing, saving you time and money. Our ongoing consulting services are designed to protect your investments. Aircraft data is continually updated and validated by physical inspections. You are given the assurance that your equipment is being maintained and your assets protected. In addition, this continuum of support dramatically reduces the time and expense of returning aircraft from lease...an even greater benefit in the case of unplanned aircraft returns.

If an aircraft or even a fleet is being imported or exported, our experience can streamline the entire process. The Aircraft Group has moved hundreds of aircraft across borders. Our staff is current on regulatory issues, documentation requirements, certificates of airworthiness and more. We are equipped to handle all that is needed to avoid unforseen complications.