Helping an Airline Stay in Control

Helping an Airline Stay in Control of Its Records

When a large US regional carrier embarked on a joint venture with an Asian airline, the carrier wasn’t ready to release all of the associated documentation. The carrier recognized the importance of staying in control of records management, especially in these turbulent times. However, the carrier was still committed to the success of the joint venture and knew its partner needed access to the records. The carrier found the solution through The Aircraft Group®.

The Aircraft Group showed the regional carrier how they could maintain the records and offer access 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Through The Aircraft Group’s patented software TAG Fleet Online®, the Asian airline was able to operate with the necessary documentation accessing it through an Internet-based, authorized-user network; all while the records resided with the regional carrier ensuring that they were maintained in a manner that the company had established.
The solution was a win-win for both firms. The carrier never needed to relinquish any control of the actual documents and the Asian airline didn’t assume the burden of integrating the documents into its system. The US carrier was able to successfully sub-lease 6 airplanes through the joint venture agreement.

Not only was the regional carrier comfortable with maintaining control of the records, it was able to access aircraft records such as reserve payments, maintenance burn rates, accumulation of hours and landings, as well as changes in the condition of airframes and engines throughout the term of the lease.
Creating workable solutions such as this one is what makes The Aircraft Group the leader in aircraft portfolio management.