Express Air Carrier Saves Time & Money

Express Air Carrier Saves on Aircraft Acquisition and Conversions

A major express air carrier was undertaking an aggressive schedule of adding more than a dozen aircraft annually to its fleet. The aircraft were passenger airplanes that needed to be reconfigured for cargo following each acquisition. The carrier was aware that aircraft conversion is a costly endeavor, oftentimes costing millions of dollars per plane. Any delays or miscalculations can add to the cost. The carrier was searching for a way to alleviate the burden on its staff as well as accelerate the process to contain costs.

It became clear when the team met with The Aircraft Group® that outsourcing the aircraft acquisition/reconfiguration phase would allow the carrier to improve its overall productivity and focus on revenue producing opportunities. In addition, The Aircraft Group, with its intimate knowledge of regulatory requirements and FAA records, would greatly improve the overall process.

Right from the start The Aircraft Group’s technical expertise was invaluable to the due diligence process as well as determining suitability for reconfiguring each aircraft. Every aspect of the firm’s knowledge was called upon from its technical aviation experience to its software engineering. In addition, navigating through the maze of government regulations and FAA records was expedited. With the cost of conversion in the millions, streamlining and expediting the process proved a tremendous savings.